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Social Consideration
"Asteroids and Other Mass Killers" - all living things on planet Earth may
be targets for these nemesis mass killers.

"Natural Flying Saucers at Pre-exploding Planet Earth" - development of
natural flying saucers and other considerations.
"Dowsing for Water, Pre-exploding Planet Earth and Exploding Galaxies"
- explanations/principles common to water dowsing and the observed
 galactic explosions; applicable also to planetary explosions including
 planet  Earth's explosion.
"Money for Everybody" - reliefs for society's poor and energy shortage on
planet Earth by the combined application of two means.

Related topic
"Electrical mechanics of Water dowsing" - a practical engineering analysis
 that explains why dowsing.for water works
"Natural Flying Saucers that Fly by Natural Magnetic Fields"
explanations/principles for naturally developed flying saucers.

General interest
"Webpage Partitioning with WYSISWYG HTML editor for newbies"
"Webpage images and Webcam photocopier" - some tips for webpage
 images  and other info on webpage development


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