Electrical mechanics of Water dowsing
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Pre-exploding Planet Earth and Exploding Galaxies"
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Dowsing up to some few years back used to be very controversial to such a passion that it inspired big money intrigue, up to at least 1.1 million dollars intrigue on one occassion.

The magnificent sum had been offered as payment to anyone for proof in the validity of dowsing by a known educational institution (in "Dowsing Data Defy The Skeptics", reference#_pa1 at the end). There seems to be no similar excitement regarding the matter lately, although dowsing believers apparently had steadily increased in number over the years and had organized.

Dowsing may have gained respectability from the favorable results of a 10-year period study conducted by respectable German institutions (reference#_pa1) and published in the "Journal of Scientific Exploration" through Stanford University.

As surmised by the research group's head (Hanz-Dieter Betz, physicist at the University of Munich), changes in the electrical properties of rock and soil due to water flow that somehow were detectable to dowsers may account for their results.

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The tools for dowsing, like the traditional forked branch familiar to many, may contribute to an image for the practice suggestive of charlatinism or quackery (branches may easily be associated with the witch doctors of simple cultures, including modern quacks). By appearance the tools themselves look too simple to be affected in any way by mere presence of water deep underground, unless moved somehow by the wielder himself.

On the other hand these tools or their important parts possibly may move in some certain
fashion due to influences of electromagnetic forces in the vicinity, and/or due to movements
of internal electrical charges caused by external influences.
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Electrical elements like electrons may be brought through Earth's crust to the vicinity after being stripped from substances in water passages (like the said rocks and soil) then inducted to vertical movement by natural magnetic field fluctuations (see "Natural Flying Saucers that Fly by Natural Magnetic Fields" in reference#_wa1 at the end). Horizontal magnetic field lines perpendicular to the vertical may induce the movement.
Besides electrical elements, ionized water particles may also be induced to move along the same path, resulting to a wet but improved conducting medium for flow of electric current or electricity (a particle of ordinary substance, like water, is ionized through loss or gain of one or more of its orbiting electrons, leaving an electrically charged particle that is either of two types: 'positive ion' or 'negative ion').

Ion particles from solids in passageways, as well as electrical elements, may also follow the water's normal course, to be induced later somewhere else by fluctuations in Earth's magnetic field.

A much different way for detecting underground water that requires little human touch could provide clue to how dowsing by forked branches or other human wielded tools might work. It may be used preparatory to digging wells in areas where normally many split coconuts are available (likely in copra producing areas).

Using dried empty coconut halves (and/or shells), a number of them may be distributed in an area (the peripheries of the area may suffice) some distance apart from one another, and so positioned that the open part is towards the ground.

Those that gather moisture on the inside after some period may indicate the best spots to dig wells (the method had been described to this writer by rural folks and likely modifiable using other more readily available materials).
Different dowsing tools

Moisture concentrated in a small area on the surface could mean that water travelled vertically up from an underground source with minimal spread or loss to the sides, suggesting of some influence that acted on the fluid upwards.

Ionized water particles as well as other electrical charges (other ionized substances and/or electrical elements) may move on a vertical path that is effectively conductor for electrical charges like the familiar electrical wire that conduct electricity.

Fluctuations in horizontal magnetic field lines as subjected to the electrical charges may occur regularly as well as randomly due to various causes internal or external to Earth and could have vertical effects on the charges.

The regular induction may be caused by different rotational speeds between Earth's crust and magnetic field (see "Geomagnetic Reversal and its Effects", reference#_wb1). The vertical conductor time to time may cut across one or more of Earth's pole-to-pole horizontal magnetic field lines and be subjected to fluctuating magnetic field strength as proximity to crossing point vary.

Random induction may happen through influences on Earth's magnetosphere by external factors in space like the sun as well as other things or forces in the universe.

The subjecting magnetic field fluctuations may induce electrical charges including ionized particles of water to move up or down in the vertical conductor through the same principle that moves electrical charges in the wiring of an electric generator's rotating member.

Direction of magnetic field lines is one of three factors that determine if the electric charges move up or down in the conductor (by convention it runs from the north pole to the south pole of magnets).

This direction (magnetic field lines) may be along Earth's horizontal pole-to-pole line for a field generated by the planet's internal magnet (which has its north pole at the southern hemisphere and its south pole in the northern hemisphere, resulting to magnetic field lines that run from Earth's southern part to the northern part).

The magnetic field generated due to other causes including random external influences could be more complicated. Possibly the resulting magnetic field lines may form loops, with both north and south directions in the horizontal plane.

The horizontal direction of the vertical conductor while cutting across the magnetic field lines also influences the direction of electrical charges moving vertically. This horizontal cut is the result of Earth's rotation.

The third factor influential to electric charge movement direction is the type of charge (if positive or negative).

Electric charges that are positive move along the vertical conductor in a direction indicated by the electrical pointer called "right-hand rule", otherwise (if negative) the charge direction is indicated by the "left-hand rule" pointer (reference#_wc1).
"Right-hand rule"

The "right-hand rule" or the "left-hand rule" uses three fingers (thumb, index finger and middle finger) of the hand to point in three dimensions, with the middle finger bent perpendiculer to the palm and all three fingers perpendicular to each other.

The index finger indicates the direction of magnetic field lines, the thumb the direction of conductor movement, and the the middle finger the direction of electrical charge flow.

The "right-hand rule" is often encountered in electrical work involving devices with electrical wirings that rotate in a magnetic field, like electric generators and motors. Currently the convention for conventional current is that the moving electric charges are  positive (in "Right Hand Rules", reference#_wc3), making the "right-hand rule" applicable (both positive and negative charges may move in opposite directions).

(Conductor motion may relate to a tendency of electrical charges moving through the conductor to circle around magnetic field lines. For electrical devices like generators conductor motion moves electrical charges, while in motors moving electrical charges result to conductor motion. The tendency may exist also in moving electrically charged objects, or carriers of electrical charge.)

(A variation given at reference#_wc2 that do not consider conductor movement is called "right-hand-grip rule", where thumb indicates flow of positive charges in conventional current, and curled fingers indicate magnetic field lines direction around the conductor. It may be complemented by a "left-hand-grip rule" for negative charges. In an older convention of negatively charged current flow, "left-hand rule" was also used for current in non-moving conductor).

 "Left-hand-grip rule"

The ionization process due to water flow may rub off orbiting electrons from one kind of substance and paste rubbed electrons to another kind, making positive ions in the former substance and negative ions in the latter. Negative electrical charges may move vertically in one direction while positive charges may go the opposite way when induced by horizontal magnetic field line fluctuations.
The passageways and retained waters would have one electrical charge, with charges  (generally water ions) that may move up or down, balanced maybe eventually by opposite charges that move in the opposite direction.

Considering magnetic field pole-to-pole lines, the right hand may be used palm up so that the index finger points to the south magnetic pole (in the northern hemisphere) indicating magnetic field direction, with the thumb pointed east to indicate the vertical conductor moving with Earth's revolution (west to east movement).

The middle finger pointing up that shows electric charge flow indicates the movement of positive charges upwards to Earth's surface. 

The left hand may also be used but with palm down for the thumb to point east and with index finger pointing north. The middle finger now points down indicating downward movement of negative charges.

16th century miners dowsing for ores

Magnetic field lines that may loop on the horizontal plane (for random external space influences) have both north and south directed magnetic field lines. Electrical charges may alternately change vertical direction on the conductor with each encounter between horizontal loop part and vertical conductor while Earth rotates.

Electrical charges that covered considerable vertical distance could have been induced mostly regularly by the pole-to-pole horizontal magnetic field lines, unlikely with looping lines.

Thus electrical charges that reach surface may mostly be positive, though negative surface charges may also be possible for looping lines in special conditions, likely with shallow water sources. Repelled by similar charges below surface charges may be ejected out and ionize molecules in the vicinity above, including a dowsing branch.

Charged, the branch (in effect an electrically charged object that moves horizontally west to east with Earth's revolution) may swerve vertically at encounters with horizontal magnetic field lines (either pole-to-pole or looping lines).

The action is similar to conductor motion for wiring conducting electrical charges in the rotating part of an electric motor.

Referring to the right-hand rule for positively charged branch, palm and bent middle finger may be directed east with index finger pointing north, making the thumb point down to indicate downward motion of the branch.

Charge concentration may be higher at the branch tip than at the two ends held by the dowser, subjecting the tip to greater downward pressure than the other ends.

(Electrical charges and Earth's magnetic fields may also be at work though  possibly involving other different factors in the case of dowsing for other things, like underground deposits of valuable metal ores like gold or silver.)
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