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Colorectal cancer
surgical treatment

A treatment for colorectal cancer that may be viewed effective is the removal by surgical procedures of the diseased portion plus some extra cuts of healthy colon lengths on both sides to preclude possible cancer recurrence

However at the end of the colon where rectal cancer can occur, only one side may get the extra cut, and other treatments after the surgery (like radiotherapy) may have to be applied for good recovery chances. This  area of the colon is termed "deep" for colorectal surgical operations (0ther colon parts may be called relatively "shallow"). 

Colorectal region isolation

With "deep" colorectal surgery, a kind  of artificial modifier for the digestive system may be installed outside on the belly to bypass internal colorectal passages and other functional parts at the lower end including  asshole, presumably because of additional treatments that remain to be done later (the installation may not be necessary for colorectal cancer at shallower depths).

For the installation the small intestine may be severed somewhere before the start of the large intestine (colon) and the opened end that outputs processed food from the stomach is fixed outside on the belly's surface. The open end leading to the large intestine also may (or may not) be fixed outside alongside the one coming from the stomach.

Whatever manner of fixing intestine ends, the large intestine that normally may hold most of of the body's solid wastes, including other terminal parts at the lower end (the rectum up to the asshole), remains unused until the parted intestine is rejoned, a condition that may remain for months until the cancer is cured, or possibly even years if other things are considered such as depletion of available funds.

Body waste storage

In the meantime digested food from the open intestine is routed into a temporary storage facility (installed on the belly) that has capacity big enough for at least one good sized meal (or more), and which may also be called "colostomy bag assembly" after its most significant part, a removable/reusable "colostomy" bag.

The assembly attaches to the belly skin by means of its wafer base that has adhesive backing (for peace of mind the base may be secured further using additional extra adhesive tape). Matching ring collars on both wafer base and colostomy bag allow both parts to be clipped/.fastened/oined together as needed.

Before assembly a hole is manually  cut  at  base middle so that the intestine severed  ends can protrude above the base and digested food may discharge into the joined colostomy bag.

When attached to the belly a sealant called "stomahesive paste" is packed all around the intestine covering the base hole opening so that colostomy bag contents do not seep underneath to corrode base adhesion.

The base may need to be changed every so often anyway though (wether or not base adhesion is corrupted) for hygienic reasons, making the maintenance of an assembly costly for many.

To economize equivalent storage facility had been fabricated by many, like a "Nescafe" coffee container (small sized) plastic cap with hole cut on top. The cap mouth covers a common inexpensive cellophhane or plastic bag to hold body waste and by means of a garter attachment the contraption is belted over the intestine. A piece of cloth padding between belly skin and "Nescafe"' cap may be used as protection from irritants in digested food.

The intestine rejoined

When declared completely cured of rectal cancer (after many sessions of treatments over quite a long number of minths, treatments that may include, aside from "deep" colorectal surgery, procedures for two other similarly dreaded chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments), the patient may now have the option to have hissevered intestine rejoined.

While considered a relatively minor surgery, rejoining intestines of rectal cancer survivors may still require very costly hospitalization and medical observations over anumber of days.

On the average, a gap of one year or more may reasonably be expected since the time the intestine was first severed up to the time it is again rejoined.

Being long out of practice, rectal cancer survivors with recently joined intestines as a consequence may have rear control problems in the natural art of answering a so called "call of nature".

A complication that could worsen matters further is a condition (most likely to afflict survivors), sometimes called "loose bowel movement" (or "LBM"), that, to be more specific, might as well be called here as"loose content of bowel movement" (or "LCBM").

Asshole phenomenon consequences

The phenomena of ass pains may manifest first at the asshole lip before other varietes show up at other areas: the near surroundings of the lip, the cleft between the butt, including maybe the greater area of the buttocks ourtside. Llittle breaks in the skin or rashes may mark the manisfestation.

The many pains apparently are caused by a variety of agents, but in the end all miseries may be traceable to LCBM substances that could spontaneously with little owner control pass, squirt or dribble any time at all (including while eating, asleep, etc.), through the asshole.

Asshole lip pain seems unique though because at least two kinds of remedies with very different means may be availed and can be used for its relief. This is suggestive of two different factors at work that can cause pain.

Pain in the asshole and remedies

Microbial activities of microscopic living things in LCBM substances pathways may result to pain in the ass, so for all phenomena of ass pains, some remedy counteractive to the work of these normally unseen beings may be availed.

Pain in the asshole lip is an exceptional phenomenon because it may ither be initiated or aggravated through a cause that though moving apparently spontaneously may not be classified as living: namely macroscopic LCBM substances whose passage throug the long unused asshole constriction possibly may result somehow to pain. Tthe work of the tangible cause may be plainly evident shortly after eating a meal bigger than usual.

The 2 different kinds of remedies available for asshole lip pain are each quite notable itself by application.

One recommended remedy for asshole lip pain (possibly caused by macroscopic LCBM substances) is a 20 minute asshole dunk in lukewarm water (around 40 deg.C done 3 times a day.

Another remedy that may be prescribed (for asshole lip pain with microscopic cause) is some topical ointment applied directly on the pained lip. It may have to be reapplied quite frequently since the fequent LCBM output with subsequent cleaning removes the application (the area should be dried first before application).

Other ass pains between the butt and remedies

At other areas between thne butt, from the immediate surroundings of the asshole lip and on to other areas passed by LCBM substances, only some prescribed topical ointment may be needed as remedy for ass pain (the area is dried first before application). Pains in these areas may also be caused by microorganisms that may exist and thrive in the moist path of LCBM substances, as it may in the case of asshole lip pain.

The primary purpose and use of most of these ointments actually is to act as barrier against something (in this case against microorganisms) to help broken skin in its own healing process. Other capabilities claimed for the ointment may not be absolutely needed.

This barrier in ointment form though would be frequently broken by the passageof LCBM substances. The needed cleanup that should be done after the passage also breaks it down completely and a fresh coat of ointment should be reapplied.

A stronger available barrier that could withstand much more abuse actually may be used, although maybe much more costly and lacking in some other virtues possible only with ointments. A recommended application of only around two times or so daily may be needed inspite of LCBM output frequency.
Available in a container that may be sprayed on the ass, the barrier is some kind of plastic coating that presumably form upon ass skin contact and air exposure of the container content.


Ass pain in the buttocks and remedies

A macroscopic means to contain macroscopically offensive ICBM substances, the diaper, is the direct cause of ass pains in the buttocks (commonly called "diaper rash"), a sort of double agent that may also indirectly help microscopic organisms that cause other ass pains.

Areas in the moist path of the frequent LCBM output may not be as frequently cleaned and dried because of the diaper providing those organisms more opportunity to widen their painful influence.

Buttocks ass pain may also be remedied by some prescribed ointment, but whenever possible it would be much better if the pain causing diaper is dispensed with entirely, including any other garments in LCBM output paths.

Ass pains universal solution

In the end the ultimate solution for all kinds of ass pains that result from LCBM may be to eliminate the LCBM, or at least have some control on the flow, and doctors upon consultation may prescribe a scheduled intake of antimotility 2-mg drugs with the genereic name of "Loperamide".

Loperamide intake start may need consideration, or a kind of tuning, since LCBM substances lose fluidity due toLoperamide and may cause greater asshole lip pain the nearer the start of intake to the date the the intestine was reconnected.

Initially the dosage prescription may be something like 4 capsules a day at 1 capsule every 6 hours. If needed it may be increased to 6 capsules a day or more with a maximum recommended limit of 8 capsules a day.

LCBM constituents may somehow jell together because of Loperamide to exit the asshole as excrement without the liquidity favored by microscopic life, but instead quite sticky like adhesive, that, besides being a microbe trap, in the macroscopic world does not easily drop.

The  output color curiously after a time  of intake  (or  maybe  to  increased  drugs taken per day)  may darken to something blackish or black.  Pausing the intake may verify if the abnormal color  returns  to normal or not when LCBM frequency returns.

Black excrement may indicate the presence of blood component (reference "Doc MD" television program of GMA, channel 6, 2014 July 26, Philippines). The sticky excrement could have some kind of bloodletting effects somewhere.

In the short term heavy dosages of Loperamide taken continuously possibly have minor consequences only. However for longer expected terms, like many months or maybe even a lifetime the sticky possibilities that could happen in the guts, if not somewhere else in the body could be very hazardous to one's health, if not fatal. In any case, expert advice from doctors or medical specialists should be sought.